Hotel de la Gare in Quimper


The Hotel de la Gare at the gates of Paris.


With the commissioning of the high-speed line (LGV) from Paris to Rennes in July 2017, Quimper is only 3h31 from Paris (unlike 4:16 previously). Putting Rennes 1h27 from Paris since 2017, the Brittany-Pays-de-la-Loire high-speed line allows you to travel faster.

To "maximize the time savings brought by the LGV", the TGV that will go beyond Rennes , to Quimper, will now not stop between Paris and Rennes. TGV allow on average a 45 minute time saving. The ” hotel de la Gare “ is now at the gates of Paris.
If you want to book a hotel room in Quimper, contact the Hotel de la Gare at 02 98 90 00 81 to see the availabilities.


Tourism and leisure around Quimper in the Finistère

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